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Ways to undermine your argument through your own stupidity, part 1


The Government have spent £1 billion in the past eight years on AIDS publicity. They have told heterosexual people who will never get AIDS in their life that they must be careful and wear a condom. God, what we could have done with £1 billion to improve facilities for the disabled up and down the country. Yet the money has gone on a completely unnecessary publicity campaign which helps no one and which will make no difference.

HC Deb 11 March 1994 vol 239 c 546

Ever feel like there are some people you don’t want to speak on your behalf?

By the way, the idiot spouting this medically dubious nonsense was a Mr Terry Dicks, a Conservative MP with cerebral palsy. While clearly a sign of how post-60s Britain was progressive with its attitudes towards disabled people, comments like this show an inescapable truth: all of us, disabled, non-disabled, gay, straight, black, white, male, female, religious or atheist are capable of some appalling statements of bullshit.

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