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Using House of Commons Parliamentary Papers Online


This afternoon I gave a presentation/skills session to the lovely people at the University of Warwick. Massive thanks to Tracy Horton and Martin Moore at the Centre for the History of Medicine up there in Coventry.

For the day, I prepared a handout which might be of use to other researchers in the field. Essentially it outlines:

  • how to use the database (available through most universities’ database subscriptions)
  • the difference between Command Papers, House of Commons Papers, Bills and Acts;
  • how we can use other freely-available resources to complement our research;
  • broadly, how Parliament works so that we can understand where we should be looking when we cannot find something;
  • the range of information on offer about Parliamentary activity and how we can best use it.

No doubt at some point I will update and expand this document, but for now “early adopters” (read: guinea pigs) can download the PDF and see if it’s of any use. Any and all comments welcome, and feel free to disseminate to others if you find it useful.

Using Parliamentary Papers Online

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