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So what’s been going on?

So what’s been going on?

With my thesis finally submitted, I have the mixed blessing of having more time on my hands but significantly less money.

For those of you with an interest in such things, the Historyish team recorded a couple of podcasts, one on Eric Hobsbawm and another on Niall Ferguson. At some point, I will have to dig out the third one which we recorded on David Irving.

If you’ve listened to the earlier ones, we changed the format slightly to stay a little more on-topic and within a more reasonable time limit. Hopefully you will enjoy the new running order.

On the Voluntary Action History Society website, I’ve written a couple of blog posts including ones on the Spartacus Report, the use of court cases in political campaigning, and the continued interest in “great people” from history.

For Left Foot Forward, I used some of my statistical data from the thesis to show the long-term trends in social security spending. A bit “inside baseball” as Americans might say, but interesting if only for the comments below the article!

And a couple of days ago I had an entertaining discussion with an old “internet friend” about politics on his technology podcast (not sure how those two things go together, but there we are…). I manage to come off as less of a communist than usual. I’ll post a link on the site when it’s up. Edit: that podcast is now up and available to listen to here

Over the next few weeks I intend to keep the site regularly updated. In the meantime, there’s some stuff to keep you busy if you’re really that interested in what I have to say.

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