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30-for-30: Introduction

30-for-30: Introduction

I turn 30 this year. Which is a round number. So it means something.

Since I needed some motivation to write some history, I thought I would steal an old idea from ESPN: produce thirty pieces of history for the thirty years I have existed. Starting with 1985 and ending in 2014, I’ll be writing one post a week on something that happened in those particular years.

It’s going to be a mix of topics, using academic history alongside personal interpretations and other media. For each year, the subject reflects something that has changed with world I live in. It won’t necessarily be the most important event of that year, but its impact will be something still felt today. As the posts go on, of course, history will blur with journalism. But that just gives people more to argue about.

“1985” will be released next week. Topics will include sport, television, terrorism, communism, globalisation, nuclear explosions, science, public health, evolution, vaccination, Catholicism and civil rights.

In doing the research for this, it’s clear that historians will write about pretty much anything, and get it accepted into academic journals. I’ve learnt quite a lot about how events have shaped the popular history of the 1980s and 1990s. If, for any subject, you find related work that I’ve skipped over, do forward it on. Once this series is over, I plan to do a follow up piece summing up the past three decades.



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