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“To keep conversations around this possible network going, let’s use the hashtag #PostConsensusBritain. Keen to hear from interested parties.”
(Dion Geogiou, Twitter.)

This could be an interesting way of exploring what this whole “post-1970s thing” is, if indeed it is a thing, which it probably is but neoliberalism probably isn’t the right word, but it might be, but it probably isn’t.

I will almost certainly talk more about this in due course. But my immediate thoughts are that “Post Consensus Britain” is an important and growing sub-set of contemporary British history. It has some distinct parts to it – but to separate it off from the wider study of post-war Britain would be a mistake. It will be interesting to see what my fellow history-didn’t-end-in-1979-ers think.

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I’ve had a bit of a spruce…


I left this place a little neglected last year. My apologies to the four of you who used to read things.

My CV is now updated to reflect the fact that I’m employed and have written some stuff. I’ve also begun the slow process of actually finishing the 30-for-30. You can “enjoy” reading about flu, Julian Assange and the Arab Spring if you so wish.

Looking to keep this place a bit more active. So, expect a flurry of activity for a month before total silence again.

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Yes, we probably need to better define “neoliberalism”


Well. Twitter seems to be in a bit of a state. That’s not new. But this week’s debate is over whether neoliberalism is really a thing. Related Posts2005 – Hurricane Katrina (3 Aug 2015) 2004 – The Facebook (27 Jul 2015) 2003 – The Iraq War Protests (20 Jul 2015) 2002 – The Salt Lake Read More

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2013 – The Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI


28 February 2013 – Vatican City Pope’s aren’t supposed to retire. It’s meant to be a job for life. Albeit, quite a short life, since most Bishops of Rome aren’t given the gig until they’re already old men. It’s the way it’s supposed to work. Related PostsThe Easter Standardisation Hypothesis (30 Aug 2012)

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2012 – The London Paralympics


29 August 2012 – London The London Paralympics went mainstream. At least in Britain. Continued enthusiasm following the successful Summer Olympics, combined with a concerted effort by Channel 4 to promote the games, led to a focus on disability sport like never before. Related Posts1990 – The Release of Nelson Mandela (20 Apr 2015) 1989 Read More

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2010 – Wikileaks


25 July 2010 – The Internet… Sensitive documents have always been leaked. Sometimes these come from “whistle blowers”, unhappy at the way institutions or government departments have acted. Sometimes these can be deliberately managed by institutions to try to control the media narrative or support their cause. Social media and mass use of the internet, Read More

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2009 – H1N1


25 April 2009 – Geneva Overall … I consider [the British government’s] response to have been proportionate and effective. There is much good practice on which to build. I heard nothing but praise and admiration from those interviewed for the health service and health protection staff right across the UK who led the response to Read More

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