An Historian

historical stuff by Gareth Millward



Sick Note Britain

Wellcome Trust Research Fellowship project on medical certification and the rhetoric around it in post-war Britain. 2017 – present

Vaccinating Britain

Research Fellowship on the Wellcome Trust Investigator Award Placing the Public in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. 2014-17

Disability Politics

Wellcome Trust funded PhD studentship at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. 2009-13


Vaccination Films

This week I gave a talk at my old stomping ground to accompany a couple of films: Surprise Attack (1951) and What Parents Want to Know (2001). The Centre for History in Public Health regularly screens short videos at lunchtime for students, staff and members of the public and then gets an “expert” to give […]


“To keep conversations around this possible network going, let’s use the hashtag #PostConsensusBritain. Keen to hear from interested parties.” (Dion Geogiou, Twitter.) This could be an interesting way of exploring what this whole “post-1970s thing” is, if indeed it is a thing, which it probably is but neoliberalism probably isn’t the right word, but it […]

I’ve had a bit of a spruce…

I left this place a little neglected last year. My apologies to the four of you who used to read things. My CV is now updated to reflect the fact that I’m employed and have written some stuff. I’ve also begun the slow process of actually finishing the 30-for-30. You can “enjoy” reading about flu, […]