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1992 – The Premier League


15 August 1992 – London, Ipswich, Liverpool, Southampton, Coventry, Leeds and Sheffield The sport of Association Football was invented in 1992 when the Premier League first kicked off at 3pm, 15 August 1992 in nine grounds around England. It developed out of primitive proto-football games played in local parks, the British Colonies and, for 104 Read More

That guy is just the worst. The. Worst, you guys…


The Independent ran a piece this week on whether David Cameron risked becoming the worst prime minister of all time. Like, in forever, guys. Srsly. Now, I sort of think this isn’t a bad little game to play. Thinking back over the Prime Ministers you remembered, the ones you studied – the stories you vaguely Read More

Private Members’ Bills


Private Members’ Bills can be great tools in the right hands. The Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act came into being this way, as did the Acts abolishing the death penalty and legalising abortion. Some of them, however, are put in the hands of less progressive individuals. Take Alec Shelbrooke’s attempt to pay social security Read More

Using House of Commons Parliamentary Papers Online


This afternoon I gave a presentation/skills session to the lovely people at the University of Warwick. Massive thanks to Tracy Horton and Martin Moore at the Centre for the History of Medicine up there in Coventry. For the day, I prepared a handout which might be of use to other researchers in the field. Essentially Read More