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Bias is when a source, deliberately or not, shows an inclination towards a particular group or person. Related Posts#PostConsensusBritain (12 Sep 2016) Agenda (2 Sep 2016) Yes, we probably need to better define “neoliberalism” (1 Sep 2016) Anti-vaccination and Corbyn: a discussion (22 Jul 2016) 2014 – The Russian Annexation of Crimea (5 Oct 2015)

2010 – Wikileaks


25 July 2010 – The Internet… Sensitive documents have always been leaked. Sometimes these come from “whistle blowers”, unhappy at the way institutions or government departments have acted. Sometimes these can be deliberately managed by institutions to try to control the media narrative or support their cause. Social media and mass use of the internet, Read More

1998 – Google, Inc.


4 September 1998 – Menlo Park Hoover, Xerox and Coke have come to mean vacuum cleaner, photocopier and cola in colloquial English. Such was the success of those brands, either as inventors or popularisers of day-to-day products that we use their trademarks more than the more generic terms; even when Vax, Epson and Pepsi are Read More

Can the Conservative Party Re-Write History?


Well, here’s a good “water cooler” conversation for history departments across the country: if you can no longer Google something, did it ever happen? Today, Twitter was abuzz that the British Conservative Party has been attempting to remove speeches made by its senior members between 2000 and 2010 – that is, the ten years before Read More

Piles of Books


Ugh. At that point where I am reading to death the definitions and explanations of the most mundane of topics. This week – what happened with British social policy, 1979-1995? Related PostsUsing House of Commons Parliamentary Papers Online (20 Nov 2012) Sociologist Provides Helpful Review (21 Aug 2012) Methodology is a long word… (13 Aug Read More