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2012 – The London Paralympics


29 August 2012 – London The London Paralympics went mainstream. At least in Britain. Continued enthusiasm following the successful Summer Olympics, combined with a concerted effort by Channel 4 to promote the games, led to a focus on disability sport like never before. Related Posts#PostConsensusBritain (12 Sep 2016) Agenda (2 Sep 2016) Yes, we probably Read More

1992 – The Premier League


15 August 1992 – London, Ipswich, Liverpool, Southampton, Coventry, Leeds and Sheffield The sport of Association Football was invented in 1992 when the Premier League first kicked off at 3pm, 15 August 1992 in nine grounds around England. It developed out of primitive proto-football games played in local parks, the British Colonies and, for 104 Read More

1985 – WrestleMania


31 March 1985 – New York City This was the moment that the modern version of professional wrestling – cartoon characters, big venues, loud music, pyrotechnics and Spandex went global. Or, at least, Vincent McMahon Jr’s version of it. But despite a relative decline in popularity over recent years, the idea of “predetermined” or “choreographed” Read More

Sol Campbell, quotas and institutional isms


Sol Campbell recently claimed that he would have to move abroad to get a management position in football because of the inherent racism in the British game. Those of you who aren’t sport fans might be tempted to switch off at this point. But stick with it – because it’s a fascinating insight into culture, Read More