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Yes, we probably need to better define “neoliberalism”


Well. Twitter seems to be in a bit of a state. That’s not new. But this week’s debate is over whether neoliberalism is really a thing. Related Posts#PostConsensusBritain (12 Sep 2016) Agenda (2 Sep 2016) Bias (27 Aug 2016) Anti-vaccination and Corbyn: a discussion (22 Jul 2016) 2014 – The Russian Annexation of Crimea (5 Read More

2010 – Wikileaks


25 July 2010 – The Internet… Sensitive documents have always been leaked. Sometimes these come from “whistle blowers”, unhappy at the way institutions or government departments have acted. Sometimes these can be deliberately managed by institutions to try to control the media narrative or support their cause. Social media and mass use of the internet, Read More

2008 – The Great Recession


29 September 2008 – New York The economic climate of the early twenty-first century will be explained with reference to the stock market crash in 2008. Because exactly the same circumstances that allowed the economy to grow so much over the 2000s led to the recession that continues to affect the Western world. Related Posts2005 Read More

1993 – Maastricht and NAFTA


1 November 1993 – Europe; 8 December 1993 – Washington D.C. 1993 saw the ratification of the Maastricht Treaty in Europe, and the formation of the European Union (EU). Over the pond, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) signalled greater economic cooperation between the United States, Canada and Mexico. These agreements, naturally, did not Read More

That guy is just the worst. The. Worst, you guys…


The Independent ran a piece this week on whether David Cameron risked becoming the worst prime minister of all time. Like, in forever, guys. Srsly. Now, I sort of think this isn’t a bad little game to play. Thinking back over the Prime Ministers you remembered, the ones you studied – the stories you vaguely Read More

Dominic Sandbrook and questionable history – the sixties and the Daily Mail


Reading the Daily Mail can, obviously, be bad for one’s health. But recently I was directed to a piece by a Conservative-supporting Facebook friend of mine condemning the legacy of Labour in the 1960s. Pretty normal for the Mail, of course, and nothing new from Sandbrook. However, his basic conclusion – that the use of Read More

More VAHS stuff – and thank you George!


At some point I will be updating this blog more regularly. Possibly after my viva. Anyway, I wrote a blog post for the good people at the VAHS again based on the paper I gave to their conference in Huddersfield earlier this year.

Let’s take this opportunity also to thank George Gosling (check out his blog!) for his tireless work editing the VAHS site over the past year or so. There’s been some really good content and discussion over there. As he steps down, let’s hope his successor can keep up his level of output. Cheers, George!

One Nation Under Dog


Labour leader Ed Miliband has declared that his party stands for One Nation Britain.1 Cue talk about the history of One Nationism2 and a return to Victorian values.3 Of course, it is the Conservative Party that has claimed the One Nation as its own, although the group has since become largely redundant in the Parliamentary Read More

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