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1995 – The Oklahoma City Bombing


19 April 1995 – Oklahoma City Terrorism has been omnipresent in Western politics in recent years, usually linked to Islamic organisations and individuals. But terrorism isn’t simply an Islamic thing, or even a middle-eastern thing. That seems most obvious in the case of the Oklahoma City Bombing. On 19 April 1995, two white Christian men Read More

1994 – The Rwandan Genocide


6 April 1994 – Kigali When a aeroplane carrying the President was shot down over Rwanda’s capital, Kigali, the government responded in brutal fashion. The ruling classes, dominated by an ethnic group called the Hutu, began systematically raping and murdering Tutsis. The massacre, which lasted around three months, was part of a bloody civil war. Read More

Help for Heroes are political – don’t pretend otherwise


In what is becoming a depressing series of “charity is political, and if you pretend otherwise you’re living under a rock“, The Sun is using Help for Heroes wristbands to attack the leader of the Labour Party. The Sun attacks Ed Miliband for not supporting its attempts to boost its circulation figures: https://t.co/AWPQBujZ8U — Tom Read More

War and disability – recent talk


On 19th September, I gave a talk as part of the LSHTM Archives and Library‘s Improving Health in Wartime exhibition. This was a joint seminar with the Centre for History in Public Health, and the International Centre for Evidence in Disability.

“The Civilian Disabled”: War and its role in the disability rights movement

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